2013-03-18 Sebastian Harlnpcdmod.cfg: Fixed a few typos and improved wording. master
2013-03-18 Sebastian HarlREADME.Debian: Fixed typo (nagios → nagios3).
2013-03-18 Sebastian HarlREADME.Debian: Improved typesetting a bit ;-)
2013-03-18 Sebastian HarlREADME.Debian: Fixed typo (icingacfg → icinga.cfg).
2013-03-18 Sebastian HarlREADME.Debian: Replaced c&p'ed Nagios with Icinga.
2013-03-18 Sebastian HarlMerged branch 'configsplit'.
2013-02-18 Alexander WirtProvide module configuration for icinga
2013-02-18 Alexander WirtFix missing servicename in README.Debian
2013-02-18 Alexander WirtInstall and modify our configuration files
2013-02-18 Alexander WirtUpdate README.Debian
2013-02-18 Alexander WirtFix typo
2013-02-18 Alexander WirtHandle pnp4nagios.cfg symlink also for icinga
2013-02-18 Alexander WirtAdd new binary packages for configsplit
2012-06-14 Sebastian Harlcontrol: Optionally depend on php5-cgi instead of libap...
2012-06-14 Sebastian Harlpnp4nagios.postrm: Fixed typo: Apache's config files...
2012-02-01 Sebastian HarlREADME.Debian: Fixed typo.
2012-01-31 Sebastian Harlpo/es.po: Updated by debconf-updatepo. v_0_6_16-1
2012-01-31 Sebastian HarlREADME.templates.d: Added README file for the use of...
2012-01-31 Sebastian Harlpatches/adjust-template-path: Added support for /etc...
2012-01-31 Sebastian HarlREADME.Debian: Added a note about installation with...
2012-01-31 Sebastian Harlpo/: Added Czech debconf translations.
2012-01-31 Sebastian Harlpo/: Added Danish debconf translations.
2012-01-31 Sebastian Harlpo/: Added Dutch debconf translations.
2012-01-31 Sebastian Harlpo/: Added Portuguese debconf translations.
2012-01-31 Sebastian Harlpo/: Added Spanish debconf translations.
2012-01-31 Sebastian Harlpnp4nagios-web.postinst: Don't call a2mod / restart...
2012-01-31 Sebastian Harlpnp4nagios-bin.install: Install
2012-01-31 Sebastian Harlcopyright: Added missing GPL-2 and GPL-3+ license infor...
2012-01-31 Sebastian Harlcopyright: Fixed DEP5 syntax errors.
2012-01-31 Sebastian Harlrules: Added recommended targets build-{arch,indep...
2012-01-31 Sebastian Harlpatches/adjust-template-path: Updated.
2012-01-31 Sebastian Harlcopyright: Updated for 0.6.16.
2012-01-31 Sebastian Harlcontrol: Depend on jQuery >= 1.6.2 and jQuery-ui >...
2012-01-31 Sebastian Harlchangelog: Updated to 0.6.16-1.
2011-06-22 Sebastian Harlchangelog: Documented changes in README.Debian. v_0_6_13-1
2011-06-22 Sebastian Harlcontrol: Updated standards-version to 3.9.2 -- no changes.
2011-06-22 Sebastian Harlpo: Added Swedish debconf translation.
2011-06-22 Sebastian Harlpo: Added Japanese debconf translation
2011-06-22 Sebastian Harlrules: Don't remove scripts/rc.pnp_gearman_worker in...
2011-06-22 Sebastian Harlpatches: Removed manpage-hyphen -- applied upstream.
2011-06-22 Sebastian Harlchangelog: Updated to 0.6.13-1.
2011-05-19 Sebastian HarlREADME.Debian: Be a bit more verbose about how to setup...
2011-04-27 Sebastian HarlREADME.Debian: Added a note about Perl modules required...
2011-04-27 Sebastian HarlREADME.Debian, control: Added some notes about Gearman... v_0_6_12-1
2011-04-27 Sebastian Harl-bin.pnp_gearman_worker.{default,init}: Init script...
2011-04-26 Sebastian Harlrules: Remove generated scripts/rc.pnp_gearman_worker...
2011-04-26 Sebastian Harlpatches/: Added manpage-hyphen -- do not use hyphens...
2011-04-26 Sebastian Harlrules: Do not install config_local.php and config.php...
2011-04-26 Sebastian Harlrules, pnp4nagios-bin.install: Do not install npcd...
2011-04-26 Sebastian HarlUpdated changelog.
2011-04-26 Sebastian Harlrules: Do not pass --prefix to configure and set man...
2011-04-26 Sebastian Harlrules: npcd.cfg and process_perfdata.cfg are no longer...
2011-04-26 Sebastian Harlcopyright: Updated for version 0.6.12.
2011-04-26 Sebastian Harlpatches/: Removed raise-process-perfdata-timeout.
2011-04-26 Sebastian Harlchangelog: Updated to 0.6.12-1.
2011-04-26 Sebastian Harlchangelog: Fixed typo. v_0_6_11-2
2011-04-26 Sebastian Harlchangelog: Set distribution to 'unstable'.
2011-04-26 Sebastian Harlchangelog: Be a bit more verbose.
2011-04-26 Sebastian Harlcopyright: Added po/ru.po.
2011-04-26 Sebastian Harlpo/: Added Russian debconf translation.
2011-04-21 Sebastian Harlpnp4nagios-web.postinst: Do not set permissions of...
2011-04-18 Sebastian Harldebian/po/: Added German debconf translation.
2011-04-18 Sebastian Harldebian/po/: Added French debconf translation.
2011-02-14 Sebastian Harlchangelog: Updated timestamp ;-) v_0_6_11-1
2011-02-14 Sebastian Harlpnp4nagios-bin.npcd.default: Disable NPCD by default.
2011-02-14 Sebastian Harlpnp4nagios-bin.npcd.init: Removed whitespace before...
2011-02-14 Sebastian Harlchangelog: Fixed typo.
2011-02-14 Sebastian Harlcontrol: Set maintainer to Debian Nagios Maintainer...
2011-02-11 Sebastian Harlcontrol: Added Vcs-* fields.
2011-02-10 Sebastian Harlrules: Do not call dh_installinit for "-a -Npnp4nagios...
2011-02-10 Sebastian HarlMake Apache2 configuration optional using debconf.
2011-02-10 Sebastian Harlrules: Fixed the Kohana2 system path.
2011-02-10 Sebastian Harlcontrol: Let -web depend on libkohana2-php.
2011-02-10 Sebastian Harlrules: Fixed path to README.Debian.
2011-02-10 Sebastian HarlInstall NPCD init/default scripts with --name=npcd...
2011-02-10 Sebastian Harlrules: Install README.Debian as well.
2011-02-10 Sebastian Harlrules: Pass --with-httpd-conf=/etc/apache2/conf.d to...
2011-02-10 Sebastian Harlcontrol: Build-depend on autotools-dev.
2011-02-09 Sebastian Harlchangelog: Mention and describe all patches.
2011-02-09 Sebastian Harlchangelog: Be more verbose ;-)
2011-02-09 Sven VeltRemove *.in from examples/ssi
2011-02-03 Sebastian HarlCleaned up pnp4nagios-bin.init.
2011-02-03 Sebastian HarlUpdated copyright.
2011-02-03 Sebastian Harlpatches/raise-process-perfdata-timeout: More verbose...
2011-02-03 Sebastian HarlCleaned up and documented patches.
2011-02-03 Sebastian Harlrules: Install man/npcd.8.
2011-02-03 Sebastian HarlSplit package into "pnp4nagios-bin" and "pnp4nagios...
2011-02-03 Sebastian Harlcopyright: Updated and completed.
2011-02-02 Sebastian Harlchangelog: Merged all entries.
2011-02-02 Sebastian Harlwatch: Mangle ".rc" to "~rc" in the upstream version.
2011-02-02 Sebastian Harlwatch: Use the SF redirector.
2011-02-02 Sebastian Harlcontrol: Updated to standards-version 3.9.1.
2011-02-02 Sebastian Harlsource/format: Document the use of source format 1.0.
2011-02-02 Sebastian Harlrules: Cleaned up a bit.
2011-02-02 Sebastian HarlREADME.Debian: Removed whitespace at end of line.
2011-02-02 Sebastian Harlpostinst: Create the nagios user with the same settings...
2011-02-02 Sebastian Harlpnp4nagios.default: Some minor cleanup.
2011-02-02 Sebastian Harlcontrol: Improved description.
2011-02-02 Sebastian Harlcontrol: "Updated" homepage.
2011-02-02 Sebastian Harlcontrol: Split "Depends:" into multiple lines.