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ownerSebastian Harl
last changeThu, 13 Oct 2011 15:06:26 +0000 (17:06 +0200)
2011-10-13 Sebastian Harlliboping-dev.install: Fixed entry for man3 manpages. master liboping-1.6.1+2.g207d51d-2
2011-10-13 Sebastian Harlrules: Split target 'build' into 'build-arch' and ...
2011-10-13 Sebastian Harlpatches: Added descriptions.
2011-10-13 Sebastian Harlpatches: Added 'z-option'.
2011-10-13 Sebastian Harlpatches: Added recvtos -- patch for #618729 (missing...
2011-10-13 Sebastian Harlcontrol: Added Barak to uploaders.
2011-10-13 Sebastian HarlSwitched to '3.0 (quilt)' format.
2011-10-13 Barak A. PearlmutterSimplified debian/liboping-dev.install, debian/oping...
2011-10-13 Barak A. Pearlmuttercontrol: Updated standards-version to 3.9.2; no changes.
2011-10-13 Barak A. PearlmutterImported diff on NMU 1.6.1+2.g207d51d-1.1.
2011-03-13 Sebastian Harlcontrol: Depend on debhelper (>=7) rather than (>=5). liboping-1.6.1+2.g207d51d-1
2011-03-13 Sebastian Harlrules: Use 'dh_prep' rather than 'dh_clean -k'.
2011-03-13 Sebastian Harlcontrol: Updated standards-version to 3.9.1.
2011-03-13 Sebastian Harlrules, liboping-dev.install: Do not install .la files.
2011-03-13 Sebastian HarlRevert "control: Build depend on libcap2-bin, required...
2011-03-13 Sebastian Harlchangelog: Updated to 1.6.1+2.g207d51d-1.
10 years ago liboping-1.6.1+2.g207d51d-2 Tagged liboping-1.6.1+2.g207d51d-2.
10 years ago liboping-1.6.1+2.g207d51d-1 Tagged liboping-1.6.1+2.g207d51d-1.
11 years ago liboping-1.4.0-1 Tagged liboping-1.4.0-1.
12 years ago liboping-1.3.4-1 Tagged liboping-1.3.4-1.
12 years ago liboping-1.3.3-1 Tagged liboping-1.3.3-1.
12 years ago liboping-1.3.2-1 Tagged liboping-1.3.2-1.
12 years ago liboping-1.3.1-1 Tagged liboping-1.3.1-1.
14 years ago liboping-0.3.5-1 Tagged liboping-0.3.5-1.
14 years ago liboping-0.3.4-1--bpo.1 Tagged liboping-0.3.4-1~bpo.1.
14 years ago liboping-0.3.3-3bpo1 Tagged liboping-0.3.3-3bpo1.
14 years ago liboping-0.3.4-1 Tagged liboping-0.3.4-1.
15 years ago liboping-0.3.3-4 Tagged liboping-0.3.3-4.
15 years ago liboping-0.3.3-3 Tagged liboping-0.3.3-3.
15 years ago liboping-0.3.3-2 Tagged liboping-0.3.3-2.
15 years ago liboping-0.3.3-1 Tagged liboping-0.3.3-1.
15 years ago liboping-0.3.2-1 Tagged liboping-0.3.2-1.
10 years ago master
14 years ago bpo