descriptionSystem DataBase (SysDB)
ownerSebastian Harl
last changeSun, 18 Dec 2016 18:15:23 +0000 (19:15 +0100)
2016-12-18 Sebastian Harlparser: Let the TIMESERIES command accept optional... master
2016-12-18 Sebastian Harltimeseries: Add support for fetching specific data...
2016-12-18 Sebastian Harlsysdb: Use a pager for displaying query results in...
2016-12-18 Sebastian Harlsysdb: Use a custom output format instead of pretty...
2016-12-13 Sebastian Harlerror: Actually check for strerror in configure and...
2016-12-11 Sebastian HarlInstall libyajl-dev on Travis.
2016-12-11 Sebastian HarlFix detection of libyajl and fix compilation if it...
2016-12-11 Sebastian Harlsysdb/json: Only include YAJL headers if they're actual...
2016-12-11 Sebastian HarlMerged branch 'json'.
2016-11-15 Sebastian HarlAutomatically prefix all log messages with the plugin...
2016-11-15 Sebastian Harlplugin: Reset context on some error conditions.
2016-11-10 Sebastian HarlUse sdb_log() in place of sdb_plugin_log().
2016-09-26 Sebastian Harlsysdb: Don't pretty-print JSON in non-interactive mode.
2016-09-25 Sebastian HarlMerge branch 'master' of git://
2016-09-25 Sebastian HarlOS utils: Use readdir() instead of the now deprecated...
2016-09-13 Sebastian Harldbi_test: Fix tests for libdbi < 0.9.
6 years ago sysdb-0.8.0 Release 0.8.0 of SysDB.
7 years ago sysdb-0.7.0 Release 0.7.0 of SysDB.
8 years ago sysdb-0.6.0 Release 0.6.0 of SysDB.
8 years ago sysdb-0.5.0 Release 0.5.0 of SysDB.
8 years ago sysdb-0.4.0 Release 0.4.0 of SysDB.
8 years ago sysdb-0.3.0 Release 0.3.0 of SysDB.
8 years ago sysdb-0.2.0 Release 0.2.0 of SysDB.
8 years ago sysdb-0.1.0 Release 0.1.0 of SysDB.
9 years ago sysdb-0.0.0
5 years ago master