plugin: Make sdb_plugin_info_t public.
[sysdb.git] / src / include /
2014-07-01 Sebastian Harlplugin: Make sdb_plugin_info_t public.
2014-06-30 Sebastian Harlutils os: Added sdb_remove_all() to recursively remove...
2014-06-29 Sebastian Harlutils os: Added sdb_mkdir_all() helper function.
2014-06-29 Sebastian HarlMerged branch 'master' of git://
2014-06-28 Sebastian Harlplugin: The replaced SDB_PLUGIN_INFO_NAME with the...
2014-06-28 Sebastian Harlplugin: Automatically prepend callback names with the...
2014-06-27 Sebastian Harlcore: Automatically determine config callback names.
2014-06-27 Sebastian Harlstore: Renamed store_base to store_obj.
2014-06-27 Sebastian HarlMerged branch 'master' of git://
2014-06-25 Sebastian Harlclient: Added sdb_client_shutdown().
2014-06-23 Sebastian HarlMerged branch 'master' of git://
2014-06-23 Sebastian Harlstore_lookup: Pass a data-object to parse_cmp().
2014-06-23 Sebastian Harlstore_lookup: Introduce conditional based attribute...
2014-06-22 Sebastian Harldata: Pass 'const' data objects to strlen()/format().
2014-06-22 Sebastian Harlstore: Removed a obsolete (and now somewhat misleading...
2014-06-19 Sebastian Harlstore_lookup: Removed the (now unused) host matcher.
2014-06-19 Sebastian Harlstore_lookup: Made the attribute matcher a "standalone...
2014-06-19 Sebastian Harlstore_lookup: Removed the (now unused) service matcher.
2014-06-19 Sebastian Harlstore_lookup: Added a matcher matching by object name.
2014-06-12 Sebastian Harldata: Added sdb_data_cmp() comparing two data points.
2014-06-11 Sebastian HarlRenamed DBI_TYPE_TO_SC to DBI_TYPE_TO_SDB.
2014-05-16 Sebastian Harlstrbuf utils: Added sdb_strbuf_cap().
2014-04-27 Sebastian Harlcore: Make the plugin directory configurable.
2014-04-22 Sebastian Harlplugin: Added sdb_plugin_shutdown_all().
2014-04-21 Sebastian Harlfrontend: Added sdb_fe_sock_clear_listeners().
2014-04-21 Sebastian Harlplugin: Added support for reconfiguring the system...
2014-04-21 Sebastian Harlutils llist: Added sdb_llist_clear().
2014-04-14 Sebastian Harlllist utils: Added sdb_llist_remove_by_name().
2014-04-11 Sebastian HarlMerged branch 'master' of git://
2014-04-10 Sebastian Harlsock.h: Fixed documentation of sdb_client_send() return...
2014-04-09 Sebastian Harlstore_lookup: Added "tostring" methods for matcher...
2014-04-06 Sebastian Harlstore_lookup: Added sdb_store_inv_matcher().
2014-04-05 Sebastian Harlstore: Added sdb_store_matcher_parse_cmp().
2014-04-03 Sebastian Harlcore/time: Added sdb_strfinterval().
2014-04-02 Sebastian Harlfrontend: Let LIST not include details.
2014-04-01 Sebastian Harlfrontend: Added simple 'LOOKUP <type> WHERE <expression...
2014-04-01 Sebastian Harlstore: Let sdb_store_matcher_matches return true if...
2014-04-01 Sebastian Harlstore: Added sdb_store_lookup().
2014-04-01 Sebastian Harlstore: Added sdb_store_iterate().
2014-03-31 Sebastian Harlfrontend: Added 'FETCH <name>' query command.
2014-03-31 Sebastian Harlobject: Added sdb_object_create_dT() macro.
2014-03-31 Sebastian Harlobject: Let create_simple() accept an optional destructor.
2014-03-07 Sebastian Harlutils llist: Let llist_get() increment the reference...
2014-03-07 Sebastian Harlfrontend parser: Added support for parsing single expre...
2014-02-23 Sebastian HarlRemoved semicolon from SDB_PLUGIN_MAGIC definition.
2014-02-23 Sebastian Harlstore_lookup: Made logical operators public.
2014-02-23 Sebastian Harlstore: Added public functions to create and execute...
2014-02-21 Sebastian Harlstore: Added sdb_store_clear().
2014-02-20 Sebastian Harldata: Let sdb_data_format() different quoting styles.
2014-02-20 Sebastian Harldata: Let sdb_data_format() return the number of bytes...
2014-02-20 Sebastian Harldata: Let sdb_data_format output to a character array.
2014-02-20 Sebastian Harldata: Added sdb_data_strlen.
2014-02-20 Sebastian Harldata_test: Print type of datum in case of a test failure.
2014-02-06 Sebastian Harlfrontend: Send connection-related log messages to the...
2014-02-06 Sebastian Harlclient: Added an EOF flag to the client object.
2014-01-31 Sebastian HarlMerged branch 'master' of git://
2014-01-30 Sebastian Harlcore/data: Added sdb_data_format() function.
2014-01-30 Sebastian Harlcore/data.h: Removed obsolete comment.
2014-01-29 Sebastian Harlstore: Added support for different data-types for attri...
2014-01-29 Sebastian Harldata: Added helper functions to copy and free data.
2014-01-28 Sebastian Harlcore/data: Make string and binary data not constant.
2014-01-12 Sebastian Harlclient: Added sdb_client_sockfd() function.
2014-01-06 Sebastian Harlfrontend parser: Added 'len' parameter to sdb_fe_parse().
2014-01-06 Sebastian Harlfrontend: Added simple implementation of sdb_fe_exec().
2014-01-06 Sebastian Harlstore: Added sdb_store_get_host().
2014-01-03 Sebastian Harlstore: Added flags to JSON functions indicating informa...
2014-01-03 Sebastian Harlstore: Introduced sdb_store_host_tojson() to serialize...
2014-01-03 Sebastian Harlstore: Exported the store base object type as opaque...
2014-01-02 Sebastian Harlfrontend: Let sdb_fe_parse() return a list of parsed...
2014-01-01 Sebastian Harlutils llist: Added sdb_llist_get().
2014-01-01 Sebastian Harlobject: Added sdb_object_create_simple().
2014-01-01 Sebastian Harlutils llist: Added sdb_llist_len().
2013-12-31 Sebastian HarlDeclare sdb_fe_yyparse() in parser.h.
2013-12-31 Sebastian Harlfrontend: Added flex/bison based parser skeleton.
2013-12-20 Sebastian HarlMerged branch 'master' of git://
2013-12-20 Sebastian Harlfrontend: Make the number of handler threads configurable.
2013-12-19 Sebastian Harlproto utils: Added sdb_proto_select().
2013-12-15 Sebastian HarlMoved connection-private.h from src/include/frontend...
2013-12-15 Sebastian HarlMoved sysdb and sysdbd sources to src/tools/.
2013-12-13 Sebastian Harlstrbuf utils: Added sdb_strbuf_clear().
2013-12-10 Sebastian HarlMerged branch 'master' of git://
2013-12-10 Sebastian Harlerror utils: Make the logger callback configurable.
2013-12-10 Sebastian HarlMoved core/error to utils/error.
2013-12-09 Sebastian HarlLet sdb_client_connect() send a username to the server.
2013-12-09 Sebastian Harlfrontend: Split connection status constants into a...
2013-12-07 Sebastian HarlMerged branch 'master' of git://
2013-12-05 Sebastian Harlclient: Let client_recv() not pass unparsed status...
2013-12-05 Sebastian Harlutil strbuf: Let skip() support an offset.
2013-12-05 Sebastian HarlAdded version functions to libsysdbclient.
2013-12-04 Sebastian HarlAdded initial client library implementation.
2013-12-04 Sebastian Harlutils proto: Added sdb_proto_get_int().
2013-12-04 Sebastian Harlutils proto: Added utility functions for protocol handling.
2013-12-01 Sebastian HarlMerged branch 'master' of git://
2013-12-01 Sebastian Harlobject: Be more specific about requirements for the...
2013-11-28 Sebastian Harlfrontend: Unified error reporting to the client.
2013-11-28 Sebastian Harlstore: Let tojson() embed errors into JSON rather than...
2013-11-28 Sebastian HarlRenamed sdb_session_start() to sdb_fe_session_start().
2013-11-28 Sebastian Harlfrontend: Added a simple 'LIST' command.
2013-11-28 Sebastian Harlstore: Replaced store_dump() with store_tojson().
2013-11-26 Sebastian Harlfrontend: Moved all connection handling operations...