sysdb: Use a custom output format instead of pretty-printed JSON.
[sysdb.git] /
2015-04-11 Sebastian Harlbuild system: Fix VPATH (out-of-tree) builds.
2014-05-09 Sebastian HarlMakefile: Add ReleaseNotes to a dist tarball.
2014-04-30 Sebastian Harlbuild system: Disable integration tests if valgrind...
2013-12-26 Sebastian HarlMoved to the t/ subdirectory.
2013-12-22 Sebastian HarlMakefile: Added to a dist tarball.
2013-12-22 Sebastian HarlMakefile: Fixed generation of the ‘version’ file.
2013-08-26 Sebastian HarlMakefile, t/Makefile: Added 'test' alias for 'check'.
2013-08-23 Sebastian HarlAdded unit testing framework based on ‘check’.
2012-12-05 Sebastian HarlInitial commit. sysdb-0.0.0