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ownerSebastian Harl
last changeFri, 4 Jun 2010 14:30:20 +0000 (16:30 +0200)
2010-06-04 Sebastian Harlpatches: Re-introduced a simplified version of ne_lfs. master fusedav-0.2-3
2010-06-04 Sebastian Harlcopyright: Use © rather than (C).
2010-06-04 Sebastian Harlrules: Use $(DPATCH_STAMPFN) rather than "patch".
2010-06-04 Sebastian Harlcontrol: Let fusedav depend on ${misc:Depends} as sugge...
2010-06-04 Sebastian HarlREADME.source: Added generic instructions for dpatch.
2010-06-04 Sebastian Harlrules: No longer patching configure ⇒ don't touch(1...
2010-06-04 Sebastian Harlchangelog: Adding support for neon27 closes #532763.
2010-06-04 Sebastian Harlpatches: Removed ne_lfs -- no longer needed when using...
2010-06-04 Sebastian Harlpatches, control: Added bts532763-neon27 and b-d on...
2010-06-04 Sebastian Harlrules: Use 'filter' rather than 'findstring'.
2010-06-04 Sebastian HarlUse my E-mail address all over the place.
2010-06-04 Sebastian Harlchangelog, control: Updated to 0.2-3 and standards...
2007-11-30 Sebastian HarlMoved "Homepage" field from package description to...
2007-06-14 Sebastian Harlcontrol: Added XS-Vcs-{Git,Browser} tags.
2007-06-14 Sebastian HarlUpdated to fusedav-0.2-2 closing #428744. fusedav-0.2-2
2007-06-14 Sebastian HarlCheck sizeof(off_t) before AC_SYS_LARGEFILE.
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