2015-05-13 Sebastian HarlFixed compatibility issues with Go 1.0 and 1.1. master
2015-05-12 Sebastian Harlclient: Add a query example to the package documentation.
2015-05-12 Sebastian Harlclient: Add helper functions for formatting and executi...
2015-05-09 Sebastian Harlclient: Add a thread-safe Client object on top of the...
2015-02-22 Sebastian Harlclient: Added support for querying the server version.
2015-02-21 Sebastian Harlclient: Try to reconnect after read/write failures.
2014-11-22 Sebastian HarlParse a metric's "timeseries" field.
2014-11-20 Sebastian Harlproto: Added EscapeString().
2014-11-19 Sebastian Harlproto: Updated state constants.
2014-09-21 Sebastian Harlproto: Added functions to unmarshal a raw message body.
2014-09-20 Sebastian HarlAdded a project specification.
2014-09-20 Sebastian HarlFixed some linter warnings.
2014-09-20 Sebastian HarlREADME: Link to the documentation at
2014-09-19 Sebastian Harlstore: Fixed decoding of DataPoint.Value fields.
2014-09-19 Sebastian HarlRenamed proto.Decode/proto.Encode to proto.Read/proto...
2014-09-19 Sebastian HarlREADME: Improved description a bit.
2014-09-19 Sebastian Harlstore: Fully annotate (for JSON) the time-series type.
2014-09-19 Sebastian HarlAdd the 'Backends' field to all store object types.
2014-09-19 Sebastian HarlAdded "sysdb" package providing core constants and...
2014-09-18 Sebastian HarlInitial commit for the Go packages.