2013-12-10 Sebastian HarlMerged branch 'master' of git://
2013-12-10 Sebastian Harlsysdb: Use error utilities.
2013-12-10 Sebastian Harlerror utils: Make the logger callback configurable.
2013-12-10 Sebastian HarlMoved core/error to utils/error.
2013-12-10 Sebastian Harlsysdb: Connect to the server and issue a STARTUP command.
2013-12-10 Sebastian Harlsysdbd: Send SIGINT to backend thread when shutting...
2013-12-10 Sebastian Harlproto utils: Fixed offset check in get_int().
2013-12-09 Sebastian HarlLet sdb_client_connect() send a username to the server.
2013-12-09 Sebastian Harlfrontend: Split connection status constants into a...
2013-12-07 Sebastian Harlstore_test: Fixed golden data for tojson() test.
2013-12-07 Sebastian HarlMerged branch 'master' of git://
2013-12-07 Sebastian Harlstore_test: Added a test for tojson().
2013-12-07 Sebastian Harlstore: tojson(): Comma-separate multiple hosts.
2013-12-07 Sebastian HarlRun all tests using TZ=UTC.
2013-12-07 Sebastian Harlt/core/store_test: Added initial tests for the object...
2013-12-07 Sebastian Harlstore: Don't try to update non-existent attributes.
2013-12-07 Sebastian Harlobject_test: Added test for sdb_object_cmp_by_name().
2013-12-07 Sebastian Harlobject_test: Added tests for wrapped object and memory...
2013-12-05 Sebastian HarlUpdated various copyright notices to 2012-2013.
2013-12-05 Sebastian Harlsysdbd: Changed -d option to -D and default to daemoniz...
2013-12-05 Sebastian Harlsysdbd: Fixed a typo.
2013-12-05 Sebastian Harlsysdb: Added a initial client implementation.
2013-12-05 Sebastian Harlclient: Let client_recv() read a full response.
2013-12-05 Sebastian Harlclient: Let client_recv() not pass unparsed status...
2013-12-05 Sebastian Harlstrbuf_test: Added skip() tests using various offsets.
2013-12-05 Sebastian Harlutil strbuf: Let skip() support an offset.
2013-12-05 Sebastian HarlAdded version functions to libsysdbclient.
2013-12-05 Sebastian HarlLink proto and strbuf utilities into libsysdbclient.
2013-12-04 Sebastian HarlAdded initial client library implementation.
2013-12-04 Sebastian Harlutils proto: Added sdb_proto_get_int().
2013-12-04 Sebastian Harlutils proto: Added utility functions for protocol handling.
2013-12-01 Sebastian HarlMerged branch 'master' of git://
2013-12-01 Sebastian Harl.gitignore: Added check test logs.
2013-12-01 Sebastian Harlt/: Added initial tests for core/object.
2013-12-01 Sebastian Harlobject: Be more specific about requirements for the...
2013-12-01 Sebastian Harlobject: Ensure that a type's destroy callback is called...
2013-11-28 Sebastian Harlfrontend: Unified error reporting to the client.
2013-11-28 Sebastian Harlstore: Let tojson() embed errors into JSON rather than...
2013-11-28 Sebastian HarlRenamed sdb_session_start() to sdb_fe_session_start().
2013-11-28 Sebastian Harlfrontend: Added a simple 'LIST' command.
2013-11-28 Sebastian Harlstore: Replaced store_dump() with store_tojson().
2013-11-28 Sebastian Harlstrbuf test: Further extended the incremental append...
2013-11-28 Sebastian Harlutils strbuf: Handle nul-byte correctly.
2013-11-26 Sebastian Harlsrc/Makefile: Install all public header files.
2013-11-26 Sebastian Harlfrontend: Moved all connection handling operations...
2013-11-23 Sebastian Harlfrontend: Report back invalid commands.
2013-11-23 Sebastian Harlfrontend: Handle STARTUP and PING commands.
2013-11-12 Sebastian Harlfrontend: Moved connection init/close to connection.c.
2013-11-11 Sebastian Harlfrontend/sock: Fixed an info message.
2013-11-11 Sebastian Harlfrontend/connection: Reset state after handling a command.
2013-11-11 Sebastian Harlfrontend/connection: Try to handle as much as possible...
2013-11-11 Sebastian Harlfrontend: Added module for generic connection handling.
2013-11-07 Sebastian HarlMerged branch 'master' of git://
2013-11-07 Sebastian Harlsocket frontend: Notify about incomplete commands befor...
2013-11-07 Sebastian Harlutils strbuf: Advance buffer position in sdb_strbuf_read().
2013-11-06 Sebastian Harlsocket frontend: Read incoming commands into a buffer.
2013-10-31 Sebastian Harlstrbuf_test: Added some NULL tests.
2013-10-31 Sebastian Harlstrbuf_test: Added tests for len / nil-termination...
2013-10-31 Sebastian Harlutils strbuf: Added sdb_strbuf_skip().
2013-10-30 Sebastian Harlsocket frontend: Merged connection_obj_t and connection_t.
2013-10-29 Sebastian Harlutils strbuf: Added sdb_strbuf_read().
2013-10-29 Sebastian Harlutils strbuf: Added memcpy and memappend functions.
2013-10-26 Sebastian Harlsocket frontend: Cleaned up main handler loop a bit.
2013-10-26 Sebastian Harlsocket frontend: Try to reopen a connection if it has...
2013-10-26 Sebastian Harlsocket frontend: Close sockets on error as well.
2013-10-26 Sebastian Harlsocket frontend: Close listening sockets before returning.
2013-10-26 Sebastian Harlsocket frontend: Disallow duplicate listen_and_serve...
2013-10-25 Sebastian Harlsocket frontend: Don't use UTF-8 in comments ;-)
2013-10-25 Sebastian Harlsocket frontend: Let handler read from open connection.
2013-10-25 Sebastian Harlsocket frontend: Pass socket object to handler threads.
2013-10-25 Sebastian Harlsocket frontend: Renamed accept_connection → connection...
2013-10-25 Sebastian Harlsocket frontend: Use nonblocking I/O for open connections.
2013-10-25 Sebastian Harlsocket frontend: Split connection accepting into its...
2013-10-25 Sebastian Harlsocket frontend: Manage open connections in listen_and_...
2013-10-25 Sebastian Harlchannel_test: Updated timeout check according to latest...
2013-10-25 Sebastian Harlutils llist: Added sdb_llist_iter_remove_current().
2013-10-22 Sebastian HarlMade log prefixes slightly more generic.
2013-10-22 Sebastian Harldaemon: Terminate backend thread after frontends have...
2013-10-22 Sebastian Harldaemon: Exit if adding a listener fails.
2013-10-22 Sebastian Harlsocket frontend: Improved error reporting.
2013-10-22 Sebastian Harldaemon: Added "Listen" config option.
2013-10-21 Sebastian Harlfrontend: Use channel shutdown to synchronize handler...
2013-10-21 Sebastian Harlutils channel: Added sdb_channel_shutdown().
2013-10-21 Sebastian Harlutils channel: Normalize time before passing it to...
2013-10-20 Sebastian Harlutils channel: Unlock mutex before returning on error.
2013-10-20 Sebastian Harlutils channel: Update timeout in channel_select when...
2013-10-20 Sebastian Harlutils channel: Let channel_select() set errno.
2013-10-20 Sebastian Harlutils channel: Changed abstime argument to a timeout.
2013-10-20 Sebastian Harlfrontend/sock: Added loop control to the socket handler.
2013-10-20 Sebastian HarlAdded framework for frontend connection handling.
2013-10-20 Sebastian Harlt/utils/channel_test: Added a test-case for sdb_channel...
2013-10-20 Sebastian Harlutils channel: Added sdb_channel_select().
2013-10-19 Sebastian Harlutils/channel: Use a mutex instead of a rwlock.
2013-10-19 Sebastian Harlt/utils/channel_test: Added some more write/read tests.
2013-10-19 Sebastian Harlt/: Added tests for the channel implementation.
2013-10-19 Sebastian Harlutils/channel: Added an asynchronous I/O multiplexer.
2013-10-15 Sebastian Harlconfigure: Don't fail if CHECK is not available.
2013-10-14 Sebastian Harlstrbuf.h: Include unistd.h.
2013-10-02 Sebastian Harlstore: Make sure not to store duplicate host entries.
2013-10-02 Sebastian Harldaemon: Treat parser errors different from daemon/libsy...