plugin: Make sdb_plugin_info_t public.
[sysdb.git] / t / unit /
2014-06-30 Sebastian Harlos_test: Added tests for os_mkdir_all() and os_remove_a...
2014-06-30 Sebastian Harlconnection_test: Use mkstemp() instead of tmpnam().
2014-06-30 Sebastian Harlsock_test: Use mkstemp() instead of tmpnam().
2014-06-29 Sebastian HarlMerged branch 'master' of git://
2014-06-27 Sebastian Harlstore_lookup: Use more specific types where appropriate.
2014-06-27 Sebastian Harlstore: Renamed store_base to store_obj.
2014-06-23 Sebastian Harlstore/frontend: Added support for integer and float...
2014-06-23 Sebastian HarlMerged branch 'master' of git://
2014-06-23 Sebastian Harlstore_lookup: Pass a data-object to parse_cmp().
2014-06-23 Sebastian Harlstore_lookup: Added support for <, <=, >=, > when compa...
2014-06-23 Sebastian Harlstore_lookup: Don't accept invalid object types in...
2014-06-23 Sebastian Harlstore_lookup_test: Fixed a memory leak.
2014-06-23 Sebastian Harlstore_lookup: Introduce conditional based attribute...
2014-06-22 Sebastian Harlstore_lookup_test: Verify that NULL is not a valid...
2014-06-22 Sebastian Harlstore: Don't allow name to be NULL when matching attrib...
2014-06-19 Sebastian Harlstore_lookup: Removed the (now unused) host matcher.
2014-06-19 Sebastian Harlstore_lookup: Made the attribute matcher a "standalone...
2014-06-19 Sebastian Harlstore_lookup: Removed the (now unused) service matcher.
2014-06-19 Sebastian Harlstore_lookup: Let parse_cmp() use the new name matcher.
2014-06-19 Sebastian Harlstore_lookup: Added a matcher matching by object name.
2014-06-12 Sebastian Harldata: Added sdb_data_cmp() comparing two data points.
2014-06-11 Sebastian HarlRenamed DBI_TYPE_TO_SC to DBI_TYPE_TO_SDB.
2014-05-16 Sebastian Harlstrbuf_test: Added some tests based on sdb_strbuf_cap().
2014-05-15 Sebastian Harlstrbuf_test: Added some more tests.
2014-05-15 Sebastian Harlstrbuf_test: Cleaned up the code a bit.
2014-05-14 Sebastian Harldbi_test: Don't allocate any memory in dbi_driver_open_r().
2014-05-14 Sebastian Harlconnection_test: Free username strings stored in mock...
2014-05-14 Sebastian Harlfrontend: Handle missing authentication early.
2014-05-14 Sebastian Harlfrontend: Fix invalid command handling when receiving...
2014-05-13 Sebastian Harlfrontend: Treat CONNECTION_IDLE as an invalid command.
2014-04-26 Sebastian Harldbi utils: Added compat layer for DBI < 0.9.
2014-04-26 Sebastian Harldbi utils: Use the new _r interface.
2014-04-26 Sebastian HarlMoved unit tests into t/unit/ subdirectory.