plugin: Make sdb_plugin_info_t public.
[sysdb.git] / t /
2014-05-03 Sebastian Refresh build system (and meta information).
2014-04-28 Sebastian Harlt/ Don't use --disable-shared.
2014-04-11 Sebastian HarlMerged branch 'master' of git://
2014-04-09 Sebastian Harlt/ Restore t/ in the temp directory.
2014-02-23 Sebastian Harlt/ Fall-back to lcov without --no-external.
2014-02-23 Sebastian Harlt/ Use to determine the...
2014-02-23 Sebastian Harlt/ Don't git reset but test the current...
2014-01-04 Sebastian Harlt/ Reset files not part of the tarball.
2013-12-26 Sebastian HarlMoved to the t/ subdirectory.