plugin: Make sdb_plugin_info_t public.
[sysdb.git] / src / utils /
2014-06-30 Sebastian Harlutils os: Added sdb_remove_all() to recursively remove...
2014-06-30 Sebastian HarlDon't free dirname()'s return value.
2014-06-29 Sebastian Harlutils os: Don't enforce the mode on existing directorie...
2014-06-29 Sebastian Harlutils os: Added sdb_mkdir_all() helper function.
2014-06-11 Sebastian HarlRenamed DBI_TYPE_TO_SC to DBI_TYPE_TO_SDB.
2014-05-16 Sebastian Harlstrbuf utils: Added sdb_strbuf_cap().
2014-05-16 Sebastian Harlstrbuf utils: Fixed resizing in append.
2014-05-12 Sebastian Harlstrbuf: Free memory when it's not longer needed.
2014-04-26 Sebastian Harldbi utils: Added compat layer for DBI < 0.9.
2014-04-26 Sebastian Harldbi utils: Use the new _r interface.
2014-04-23 Sebastian Harlutils strbuf: Don't copy more than needed in sdb_strbuf...
2014-04-21 Sebastian Harlutils llist: Added sdb_llist_clear().
2014-04-21 Sebastian Harlutils llist: Removed sdb_ prefix from private functions.
2014-04-14 Sebastian Harlllist utils: Added sdb_llist_remove_by_name().
2014-03-07 Sebastian Harlutils llist: Let llist_get() increment the reference...
2014-02-23 Sebastian HarlInclude config.h in source files.
2014-01-31 Sebastian HarlMerged branch 'master' of git://
2014-01-29 Sebastian Harlutils dbi: Use sdb_data_free_datum().
2014-01-28 Sebastian Harlcore/data: Make string and binary data not constant.
2014-01-12 Sebastian HarlFixed memory errors identified by LLVM's AddressSanitizer.
2014-01-10 Sebastian Harlunixsock utils: Retry reading from socket if the call...
2014-01-03 Sebastian Harlutils llist: Added TODO note about iterator improvements.
2014-01-01 Sebastian Harlutils llist: Added sdb_llist_get().
2014-01-01 Sebastian Harlutils llist: Added sdb_llist_len().
2013-12-26 Sebastian HarlFixed some issues identified by static code analysis.
2013-12-21 Sebastian Harlproto utils: Fixed invalid conversion of return value.
2013-12-20 Sebastian HarlMerged branch 'master' of git://
2013-12-19 Sebastian Harlproto utils: Added sdb_proto_select().
2013-12-13 Sebastian Harlstrbuf utils: Added sdb_strbuf_clear().
2013-12-13 Sebastian Harldbi utils: Don't keep invalid object address after...
2013-12-10 Sebastian HarlMerged branch 'master' of git://
2013-12-10 Sebastian Harlerror utils: Make the logger callback configurable.
2013-12-10 Sebastian HarlMoved core/error to utils/error.
2013-12-10 Sebastian Harlproto utils: Fixed offset check in get_int().
2013-12-07 Sebastian HarlMerged branch 'master' of git://
2013-12-05 Sebastian Harlutil strbuf: Let skip() support an offset.
2013-12-04 Sebastian Harlutils proto: Added sdb_proto_get_int().
2013-12-04 Sebastian Harlutils proto: Added utility functions for protocol handling.
2013-12-01 Sebastian HarlMerged branch 'master' of git://
2013-11-28 Sebastian Harlutils strbuf: Handle nul-byte correctly.
2013-11-07 Sebastian HarlMerged branch 'master' of git://
2013-11-07 Sebastian Harlutils strbuf: Advance buffer position in sdb_strbuf_read().
2013-10-31 Sebastian Harlutils strbuf: Added sdb_strbuf_skip().
2013-10-29 Sebastian Harlutils strbuf: Added sdb_strbuf_read().
2013-10-29 Sebastian Harlutils strbuf: Added memcpy and memappend functions.
2013-10-25 Sebastian Harlutils llist: Added sdb_llist_iter_remove_current().
2013-10-21 Sebastian Harlutils channel: Added sdb_channel_shutdown().
2013-10-21 Sebastian Harlutils channel: Normalize time before passing it to...
2013-10-20 Sebastian Harlutils channel: Unlock mutex before returning on error.
2013-10-20 Sebastian Harlutils channel: Update timeout in channel_select when...
2013-10-20 Sebastian Harlutils channel: Let channel_select() set errno.
2013-10-20 Sebastian Harlutils channel: Changed abstime argument to a timeout.
2013-10-20 Sebastian Harlutils channel: Added sdb_channel_select().
2013-10-19 Sebastian Harlutils/channel: Use a mutex instead of a rwlock.
2013-10-19 Sebastian Harlutils/channel: Added an asynchronous I/O multiplexer.
2013-10-02 Sebastian Harlutils llist: Fixed a segfault in functions doing lookups.
2013-10-02 Sebastian Harlutils llist: Made lookup's user-data a constant pointer.
2013-09-30 Sebastian Harlutils llist: Added sdb_llist_remove().
2013-09-30 Sebastian Harlutils llist: Added lookup callback type to be used...
2013-09-25 Sebastian Harlutils llist: Added sdb_llist_cmp_cb type.
2013-09-16 Sebastian Harlutils unixsock: Explicitely enable line-buffering.
2013-09-05 Sebastian Harlutils strbuf: Fixed a wrong assertion.
2013-09-04 Sebastian Harlutils strbuf: Allow the initial size to be zero.
2013-07-18 Sebastian HarlLet objects be named.
2013-04-01 Sebastian HarlMerged branch 'master' of git://
2013-04-01 Sebastian HarlMoved error / time from utils to core.
2013-03-20 Sebastian HarlUse sdb_error_chomp() to remove newlines from multi...
2013-03-20 Sebastian Harlutils error, strbuf: Added sdb_error_chomp(), sdb_strbu...
2013-03-20 Sebastian HarlRemoved newline at the end of sdb_log()'ed strings.
2013-03-20 Sebastian Harlutils strbuf: Copy va_lists rather than using them...
2013-03-20 Sebastian Harlutils error: Use string buffers rather than static...
2013-03-20 Sebastian Harlutils strbuf: Added an automatically growing string...
2013-03-10 Sebastian HarlMoved sdb_strerror() from utils/string.h to utils/error.h.
2013-03-10 Sebastian HarlRenamed error recording / logging functions.
2013-03-10 Sebastian HarlUse the sdb_error* function throughout the project.
2013-03-10 Sebastian Harlutils error: Make sure to destroy memory allocated...
2013-03-10 Sebastian Harlutils error: Added module for error reporting.
2013-03-05 Sebastian HarlMerged branch 'master' of git://
2013-03-04 Sebastian Harlstore, llist: Don't shadow the global symbol 'clone'.
2013-02-20 Sebastian Harlutils dbi: Added sdb_dbi_client_check_conn().
2013-02-19 Sebastian Harlutils dbi: Avoid segfault when executing queries when...
2013-01-02 Sebastian HarlRenamed the project to SysDB (System DataBase).
2012-12-12 Sebastian Harlutils dbi + unixsock: Pass user-data object to data...
2012-12-11 Sebastian Harlutils unixsock: Added sc_unixsock_client_process_lines().
2012-12-11 Sebastian Harlutils data: Added module providing a data-type to store...
2012-12-11 Sebastian Harlutils unixsock: Added wrappers for clearerr(), feof...
2012-12-11 Sebastian Harlutils unixsock: Added sc_unixsock_client_shutdown().
2012-12-11 Sebastian Harlutils unixsock: Fixed EOF handling in recv().
2012-12-10 Sebastian Harlutils dbi: Added initial version.
2012-12-05 Sebastian HarlInitial commit. sysdb-0.0.0