plugin: Make sdb_plugin_info_t public.
[sysdb.git] / src / tools /
2014-06-29 Sebastian HarlMerged branch 'master' of git://
2014-06-27 Sebastian Harlcore: Automatically determine config callback names.
2014-06-27 Sebastian HarlMerged branch 'master' of git://
2014-06-25 Sebastian Harlsysdb: Wait for remaining data after the mainloop termi...
2014-06-09 Sebastian HarlMerged branch 'master' of git://
2014-06-06 Sebastian Harlsysdbd: Forcefully terminate the frontend and backend...
2014-06-06 Sebastian Harlsysdbd: Simplified main loop management.
2014-05-02 Sebastian Harlsysdb: Fixed incompatible pointer type warning reported...
2014-05-01 Sebastian Harltools: Log library versions as well on startup.
2014-05-01 Sebastian Harlsysdb: When handling a reply, base further actions...
2014-05-01 Sebastian Harlsysdb: When using -c, wait for the server's final response.
2014-04-30 Sebastian Harlsysdb: When using -c, exit non-zero if any command...
2014-04-30 Sebastian HarlMerged branch 'master' of git://
2014-04-29 Sebastian Harlsysdbd: Don't leak memory when aborting from the main...
2014-04-27 Sebastian Harlsysdbd: Return with status=1 in case of an initializati...
2014-04-27 Sebastian Harlsysdbd: Improved startup logging.
2014-04-27 Sebastian Harlsysdbd.conf: Added 'PluginDir' config option.
2014-04-27 Sebastian Harlcore: Make the plugin directory configurable.
2014-04-22 Sebastian Harlsysdbd: Free up the config item returned from the parse...
2014-04-22 Sebastian Harlsysdbd: Shut down all plugins before exiting.
2014-04-21 Sebastian Harlsysdbd: Keep connections open during reconfiguration.
2014-04-21 Sebastian Harlsysdbd: Free the config parse tree after finishing...
2014-04-21 Sebastian Harlsysdbd: Reconfigure the daemon on SIGHUP.
2014-04-21 Sebastian Harlsysdbd: Added daemon_free_listen_addresses().
2014-04-18 Sebastian Harlsysdbd: Fixed a config parser error message.
2014-04-17 Sebastian Harlsysdbd: Moved main loop handling into a separate function.
2014-04-11 Sebastian HarlMerged branch 'master' of git://
2014-04-10 Sebastian Harlsysdbd: Ignore SIGPIPE (e.g. when a client connection...
2014-04-10 Sebastian Harlsysdb: Added support for the -c <cmd> option.
2014-04-10 Sebastian Harlsysdb: Let sdb_command_print_reply() accept client...
2014-04-10 Sebastian HarlAdded sysdb(1) manpage and updated sysdb help output.
2014-02-23 Sebastian HarlInclude config.h in source files.
2014-02-06 Sebastian Harlfrontend: Send connection-related log messages to the...
2014-02-06 Sebastian Harlsysdb: Handle EOF from the server.
2014-02-04 Sebastian HarlUpdated copyright information.
2014-02-04 Sebastian Harlsysdb: Hide implementation details in the "input" module.
2014-02-04 Sebastian Harlsysdb: Use the asynchronous readline interface; handle...
2014-02-04 Sebastian Harlsysdb: Split sdb_command_exec() into two functions.
2014-01-31 Sebastian HarlMerged branch 'master' of git://
2014-01-23 Sebastian Harlclient, sysdb: Improved error reporting.
2014-01-12 Sebastian Harlsysdb: Store a global input handler object in the input...
2014-01-12 Sebastian HarlMerged branch 'master' of git://
2014-01-12 Sebastian Harlsysdb: Do not add duplicate entries to the history.
2014-01-10 Sebastian Harlsysdb: Added a query to the history after executing it.
2014-01-10 Sebastian Harlsysdbd.conf(5), sysdbd.conf: Documented the 'Listen...
2014-01-10 Sebastian Harlsysdb: Only strip newlines from the command buffer.
2014-01-09 Sebastian HarlMerged branch 'master' of git://
2014-01-09 Sebastian Harlsysdb: Implemented input scanner and simple command...
2014-01-06 Sebastian Harlsysdb: Append newlines to lines read from readline().
2013-12-31 Sebastian Harlfrontend: Added flex/bison based parser skeleton.
2013-12-26 Sebastian Harlsysdb/scanner.l: Enabled 8bit, nodefault, and warn...
2013-12-26 Sebastian HarlFixed some issues identified by static code analysis.
2013-12-20 Sebastian Harlsysdb: Use the flex scanner generator for reading input.
2013-12-20 Sebastian HarlMerged branch 'master' of git://
2013-12-15 Sebastian HarlMoved sysdb and sysdbd sources to src/tools/.