2009-06-17 Sebastian Harlpatches: Added missing-includes.dpatch to add missing... master pfstmo-1.4-1
2009-06-17 Sebastian Harlpatches: Added CXXFLAGS.dpatch to remove -O3 from CXXFLAGS.
2009-06-17 Sebastian Harlrules: Pass appropriate CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS to configure.
2009-06-17 Sebastian Harlcopyright: Updated Debian copyright.
2009-06-17 Sebastian Harlrules: Removed unnecessary whitespace.
2009-06-17 Sebastian Harlcopyright: Updated for 1.4.
2009-06-17 Sebastian Harlcopyright: Replaced (C) with ©.
2009-06-17 Sebastian Harlchangelog: Sort entries by affected files.
2009-06-17 Sebastian Harlcontrol: Updated standards-version to 3.8.2.
2009-06-17 Sebastian HarlUse my E-mail address.
2009-06-17 Sebastian Harlchangelog: Updated to 1.4-1.
2008-07-26 Sebastian HarlUpdated copyright.
2008-07-26 Sebastian HarlUpdated standards-version to 3.8.0 - no changes.
2008-07-26 Sebastian HarlAdded libgsl0-dev to the build-dependencies.
2008-07-26 Sebastian HarlUpdated changelog to version 1.3-1.
2008-01-18 Cyril BruleboisAdded watch file. pfstmo-1.1-1
2007-12-28 Sebastian HarlChanged Vcs-* tags to point to
2007-12-28 Sebastian HarlChanged maintainer to pkg-phototools team.
2007-12-17 Sebastian HarlDo not ignore "make clean" errors.
2007-12-17 Sebastian HarlAdded versioned (>= 1.14.6) dpkg-dev build dependency.
2007-12-17 Sebastian HarlUpdated standards-version to 3.7.3.
2007-12-17 Sebastian HarlMoved homepage field to source stanza and renamed XS...
2007-08-10 Sebastian HarlAdded pointer to AUTHORS in debian/copyright.
2007-08-10 Sebastian HarlUpdated to pfstmo-1.1-1.
2007-06-19 Sebastian HarlAdded XS-Vcs-{Git,Browser} tags.
2007-06-19 Sebastian HarlInitially added pfstmo-1.0-1.