2013-10-18 tolimarRemove myself from uploaders. master
2013-02-20 tolimarPrepare for new release
2013-02-20 tolimarRelease new package version
2012-07-02 tolimarGet ready for next release
2012-07-02 tolimarI should also update the bnackport
2012-06-11 tolimarGet ready for next release
2012-06-11 tolimarRelease
2012-06-11 tolimarAdd reviewed debconf template and package description...
2012-06-11 tolimarGet ready for next release
2012-06-11 tolimarRelease
2012-06-11 tolimarRevert patch from bubulle for now, so 1.6.6 can be...
2012-06-09 tolimarFix watchfile for new dfsg versionioning
2012-06-06 tolimarnew upstream release
2012-06-06 tolimarFix watchfile
2012-06-01 tolimarImprove package description and debconf templates with...
2012-05-23 tolimarGet ready for next release
2012-05-23 tolimarPrepare upload to unstable
2012-03-06 tolimarGet ready for next release
2012-03-06 tolimarGet ready to release
2012-03-06 tolimarBump standards
2012-03-06 tolimarAdd version mangle to watchfile
2012-03-06 tolimarAdd get-orig-source target to debian/rules
2012-03-06 tolimarAdd patch to remove references to flash files
2012-03-06 tolimarAdd note about removed files to debian/copyright
2012-03-06 tolimarDuh, we need to remove some swf files for now
2012-03-05 tolimarMention last change (Fix Germish) in changelog
2012-03-05 tolimarFix Germish spoted by formorer
2012-03-05 tolimarRepaid demo maps (missing backend)
2012-03-05 tolimarGet ready for next releaseGet ready for next release
2012-03-05 tolimarReword changelog and target experimental
2012-03-05 tolimarAdd German translation of debconf templates
2012-03-05 tolimarMake the debconf templates translatable
2012-03-05 tolimarRemove last leftover from previous packaging
2012-03-05 tolimarCompletly redo packaging and prepare new upstream version
2012-02-22 tolimarWorking on 1.6.4 package
2011-09-26 tolimarconfig.dpatch updated
2011-09-26 tolimarInstalled by dh_changelog
2011-09-26 tolimarUpstream now ships an ascii changelog
2011-09-26 tolimarShorten one changelog line
2011-09-26 tolimarRework rules and install slightly
2011-09-26 tolimarRemove another unneeded patch
2011-09-26 tolimarRemove unneeded patch
2011-09-26 tolimarRemove upstream applied patch
2011-09-26 tolimarRework package configuration
2011-09-07 tolimarThat stuff isn't need anymore if we are moving to mk...
2011-09-07 tolimarUps. Forgot to add changes of r1963 to changelog
2011-09-07 tolimarUpdate copyright
2011-09-07 tolimarStart preparation of 1.5.10 Part I: Adopting dependenci...
2011-09-07 tolimarGet ready for next release
2011-09-07 tolimarFix typo
2011-09-07 tolimarGet ready to uploadGet ready to upload
2011-09-07 tolimarDon't use a path to a binary in the maintainer script...
2011-09-07 tolimarAdd recommended targets according to lintian
2011-09-07 tolimarBump standards
2011-09-07 tolimarAllow access to installed documentation
2011-09-07 tolimarSlightly better way to ship the documentation; also...
2011-09-07 tolimarInstall documentation
2011-09-07 tolimarAcknowledge NMU
2011-09-07 tolimarRemove previous maintainers from Uploaders. Thanks...
2011-09-07 tolimarRecommend real ndoutils package instead of virtual one
2011-09-07 tolimarProperly set "Options FollowSymLinks" in the apache...
2011-09-07 tolimarStupid me; the ini file is created via debconf
2011-09-07 tolimarSet gadget path in configuration file
2011-09-07 tolimarOnly call ucf on purge if it's available
2011-09-07 tolimarAdd myself to uploaders
2011-09-07 tolimarGet ready for next release
2011-09-07 tolimarImport changes from the 1:1.4.6-1.1 NMU
2010-03-05 hfrenzel-guestgit-svn-id: svn://
2010-03-04 hfrenzel-guestgit-svn-id: svn://
2009-12-07 formorerLintian requires highter debhelper dependency
2009-12-07 formorerCleanup controlfile
2009-12-06 wob-guestremove .gitignore in image dirs; symlinks to nagios...
2009-11-29 wob-guestall images now in /var/lib/nagvis/images
2009-11-29 wob-guestrules cleanup
2009-11-28 wob-guestbugfix postrm; backend=merlin from nagvis.ini.php remov...
2009-11-28 wob-guest1.4.5 working, but need some more work:
2009-11-28 wob-guestnew maintainership; start preparing for nagvis 1.4.5
2009-11-24 formorerUpdate changelog
2009-11-24 formorerAdd myself to uploaders
2009-08-29 wajabump version, add README.source
2009-08-23 hfrenzel-guestfixed include pathnames in nagvis/ajax_handler.php
2009-08-16 wajanew changelog entry
2009-08-12 wajaremove execute bit from image
2009-08-12 wajaadd misc to depends
2009-08-12 wajabump standards
2009-08-12 wajamove nagios3 and ndoutils-mysql to Recommends
2009-08-12 wajafix location of form_handler.php
2009-08-12 wajafix location of form_handler.php
2009-04-15 hfrenzel-guestbugs fixed
2008-09-27 hfrenzel-guestreleased new version
2008-09-27 hfrenzel-guestprepared new upstream release
2008-05-19 hfrenzel-guestswitched debian/copyright format proposed on wiki.debia...
2008-05-04 hfrenzel-guestswitched to nagios3 and other changes
2008-03-18 hfrenzel-guestgit-svn-id: svn://
2008-03-14 hfrenzel-guestfixed some pathnames
2008-03-13 hfrenzel-guest* s/UNRELEASED/unstable/
2008-03-13 hfrenzel-guest* debian/rules: packaged missing dirs
2008-02-13 hfrenzel-guestreleased to unstable
2008-02-13 hfrenzel-guestnew upstream release
2008-01-10 hfrenzel-guestnew upstream, various fixes