debian/po/: Added fi.po.
[pkg-mlmmj.git] / debian / changelog
2010-01-23 Sebastian Harldebian/po/: Added fi.po. master
2010-01-23 Sebastian Harldebian/po/: Added ru.po.
2010-01-23 Sebastian Harldebian/po/: Added vi.po.
2010-01-23 Sebastian Harldebian/po/: Added eu.po.
2010-01-23 Sebastian Harldebian/po/: Added it.po.
2010-01-23 Sebastian Harldebian/po: Added gl.po.
2010-01-23 Sebastian Harlchangelog: NMU diff has been integrated ⇒ closing ...
2010-01-23 Sebastian Harlchangelog: Thank all bug reporters.
2010-01-23 Sebastian Harlchangelog: Cleaning up the patches fixes #560554.
2010-01-23 Sebastian Harlchangelog: Mention NMU as the very first entry.
2010-01-23 Sebastian Harlrules: Don't remove usr/sbin/ -- this path is no longer...
2010-01-23 Sebastian HarlMerged branch 'tg/master'.
2010-01-23 Thomas GoirandVarious cleanup works. tg/master
2009-03-05 Sebastian Harlpatches/: Added 01_fix_hyphen_used_as_minus_sign.
2009-03-05 Sebastian Harlcontrol: Updated standards-version to 3.8.0.
2009-03-05 Sebastian HarlInstall the web-interfaces to /usr/share/PACKAGE/
2009-03-05 Sebastian Harlrules: Removed unnecessary occurrences of $(CURDIR).
2009-03-05 Sebastian HarlREADME.Debian, rules: Include all upstream README files...
2009-03-05 Sebastian Harlrules: Do not include the AUTHORS and VERSION files...
2009-03-05 Sebastian HarlRemoved debian/docs.
2009-03-05 Sebastian HarlRemoved debian/bogus-conffiles.
2009-03-04 Sebastian Harlrules: Actually pass CFLAGS to configure.
2009-03-04 Sebastian Harlrules: Cleanup.
2009-03-04 Sebastian Harlpatches/: Added 01_fix_manpages.
2009-03-04 Sebastian Harlpatches/: Cleaned up patches.
2009-03-04 Sebastian Harlpatches: Added short descriptions to all patches.
2009-03-04 Sebastian Harlpatches/: Removed unused 05_fix_call_to_free.
2009-03-04 Sebastian Harlpatches/: Removed 01_debian_make_mlmmj-ml.
2009-03-04 Sebastian Harlrules: Do not manually install listtexts.
2009-03-04 Sebastian Harlrules: Rename to mlmmj-make-ml.1.
2009-03-04 Sebastian HarlRemoved dirs.
2009-03-04 Sebastian HarlRemoved mlmmj.templates.old.
2009-03-04 Sebastian HarlRemoved attic/.
2009-03-04 Sebastian Harlcontrol: Moved "Homepage" field from package descriptio...
2009-03-04 Sebastian Harlpo/: Added Japanese debconf template translation.
2009-03-04 Sebastian Harlpo/: Added Swedish debconf template translation.
2009-03-04 Sebastian Harlchangelog: Close #516948.
2009-03-04 Sebastian Harlchangelog: Updated to version 1.2.16-0.1.
2009-03-04 Daniel WalrondInitial commit.