2010-08-02 Sebastian Harlchangelog: Upload to unstable rather than experimental. master enblend-enfuse-4.0+dfsg-1
2010-08-02 Sebastian Harlcontrol: Build-depend on texlive-generic-recommended.
2010-08-02 Sebastian Harlcontrol: Build-depend on texlive.
2010-08-02 Sebastian Harlcontrol: Build-depend on ghostscript.
2010-08-02 Sebastian Harlrules: Clean en{blend,fuse}.tpt files.
2010-08-01 Sebastian Harlchangelog: Minor formatting changes.
2010-08-01 Sebastian Harlrules: Do not compress PDF files.
2010-08-01 Sebastian HarlAdded debian/enblend.doc-base, debian/enfuse.doc-base.
2010-08-01 Sebastian Harlcontrol: Build-depend on perl.
2010-08-01 Sebastian Harlrules, en{blend,fuse}.install: Build and install PDF...
2010-08-01 Sebastian Harlrules: Replace the whatis entry in the enblend/enfuse...
2010-07-31 Sebastian Harlcontrol: Build-depend on help2man, required to build...
2010-07-31 Sebastian Harlcontrol: Updated standards-version to 3.9.1 -- no changes.
2010-07-31 Sebastian Harlcopyright: Updated copyright of Debian packaging.
2010-07-31 Andreas MetzlerBuild with OpenMP support
2010-03-28 Sebastian Harlcontrol: Updated Standards-Version to 3.8.4 -- no changes.
2009-12-20 Sebastian HarlRemoved, now unneeded, use of and dependency on dpatch.
2009-12-20 Sebastian Harlcontrol: Updated Standards-Version to 3.8.3 -- no changes.
2009-12-20 Sebastian Harlcontrol/rules: Let enblend/enfuse use the Boost filesys...
2009-12-20 Sebastian Harlrules: Explicitly en/disable requested features when...
2009-12-20 Sebastian HarlUpdated copyright.
2009-12-20 Sebastian Harlrules: Install NEWS and AUTHORS to all packages.
2009-12-20 Sebastian Harlcontrol: Use my E-mail address.
2009-12-20 Sebastian Harlchangelog: Be a bit more verbose.
2009-12-20 Sebastian HarlRemoved patches-repack/03-addmissingVERSION.patch.
2009-12-20 Andreas MetzlerUpdate build-depends
2009-12-20 Andreas is not installed as a separate...
2009-12-20 Andreas MetzlerDo not try to install TODO.
2009-12-20 Andreas MetzlerDrop unneeded patch addinfosection.dpatch.
2009-12-20 Andreas MetzlerUpdate debian/patches-repack/* for 4.0.
2009-09-11 Andreas MetzlerUpdate addinfosection.dpatch to also add info directory... 3.2+dfsg-3 enblend-enfuse-3.2+dfsg-3
2009-09-11 Andreas MetzlerUse ${misc:Depends} to get the required dependency...
2009-09-11 Andreas MetzlerAdd myself to uploaders.
2009-09-11 Andreas MetzlerRemove usr/share/info/dir, which GNU install-info gener...
2009-04-06 Sebastian Harlcontrol: Updated standards-version to 3.8.1. enblend-enfuse-3.2+dfsg-2
2009-04-05 Sebastian Harlrules: Removed trailing whitespace.
2009-04-05 Sebastian Harlchangelog: Updated to 3.2+dfsg-2 targeted at unstable.
2009-02-20 Sebastian Harlcopyright: Replaced (C) with ©.
2008-10-12 Sebastian Harldebian/control: Fixed a typo. enblend-enfuse-3.2+dfsg-1
2008-10-12 Sebastian Harldebian/rules: Use --fail-missing instead of --list...
2008-10-12 Sebastian HarlTell dh_installinfo to use the appropriate packages.
2008-10-12 Sebastian Harldebian/enblend.install: Fixed a typo.
2008-10-12 Sebastian HarlRenamed source package to "enblend-enfuse" and added...
2008-10-12 Sebastian HarlImproved the description of enfuse.
2008-10-10 Sebastian Harl01-unnecessary-libs.patch: Do not add any X related...
2008-10-10 Sebastian Harldebian/changelog: Fixed a minor typo.
2008-10-10 Sebastian Harldebian/rules: Remove rebuilt documentation files.
2008-10-10 Sebastian HarlUploading to experimental because of the Lenny freeze.
2008-10-10 Sebastian HarlAdded debian/patches-repack/01-unnecessary-libs.patch.
2008-10-09 Sebastian Harldebian/rules: Added get-orig-source target.
2008-10-08 Sebastian HarlUpdated watch file.
2008-10-08 Sebastian HarlAdded license information for m4/ax_check_gl{,u,ut...
2008-10-08 Sebastian Harlenfuse-focus-stacking license also clarified on the...
2008-10-08 Sebastian HarlAdded license information for doc/enfuse-focus-stacking...
2008-10-07 Sebastian HarlUpdated standards-version to 3.8.0.
2008-10-07 Sebastian HarlFixed some typos in the package description.
2008-10-07 Sebastian HarlThanks a lot to Andreas for his help!
2008-10-07 Andreas MetzlerAdded addinfosection.dpatch - add @dircategory to the...
2008-10-07 Andreas MetzlerUpdated debian/copyright.
2008-10-07 Andreas MetzlerUpdate package description to mention enfuse.
2008-10-07 Sebastian HarlRemoved debian/patches/type_mismatch.dpatch.
2008-10-07 Andreas MetzlerUpdated build-depends.
2008-10-07 Sebastian HarlUpdated debian/copyright for version 3.2.
2008-10-07 Sebastian HarlRemoved gcc4.3-includes.dpatch.
2008-10-07 Sebastian HarlInclude AUTHORS file in the package as well.
2008-10-07 Sebastian HarlUpdated changelog to 3.2+dfsg-1.
2008-02-16 Sebastian HarlAdded libglew1.5-dev to the build dependencies. enblend-3.0+dfsg-2
2008-01-18 Cyril BruleboisAdded a watch file, including version mangling. enblend-3.0+dfsg-1
2007-12-28 Sebastian HarlChanged Vcs-* tags to point to
2007-12-28 Sebastian HarlAdded gcc4.3-includes.dpatch to add missing includes...
2007-12-23 Sebastian HarlChanged maintainer to the pkg-phototools team.
2007-12-17 Sebastian HarlUpdated standards-version to 3.7.3.
2007-12-09 Sebastian HarlAdded copyright holder for src/vigra_impex/iccjpeg...
2007-12-05 Sebastian HarlAdded "freeglut3-dev" build dependency.
2007-11-30 Sebastian HarlAdded libglew1.4-dev as option to libglew-dev build...
2007-11-30 Sebastian HarlAdded type_mismatch.dpatch to fix a failure to instanti...
2007-11-30 Sebastian HarlEnblend enhances hugin - added appropriate field to...
2007-11-26 Sebastian HarlFixed a typo in debian/control.
2007-11-23 Sebastian HarlMoved "Homepage" field to the source stanza and added...
2007-10-28 Sebastian HarlAdded initial version.