2018-03-06 Sebastian Harlrules: Fix the arch selection for enabling the gRPC... master collectd-5.8.0-4
2018-03-05 Sebastian HarlRelease changelog in Marc's name. collectd-5.8.0-3
2018-03-01 Marc FournierBump Standards-Version
2018-03-01 Marc Fournierdisable grpc plugin on platforms lacking build dependencies
2018-02-28 Sebastian HarlRelease changelog (for Marc). collectd-5.8.0-2
2018-02-28 Marc Fournierlimit intel-cmt-cat installation to intel architectures...
2018-02-27 Sebastian HarlRe-release the changelog. collectd-5.8.0-1
2018-02-27 Sebastian Harlchangelog: Fixed some more spelling errors detected...
2018-02-27 Sebastian Harldebian/control: Depend on libi2c-dev (>= 4.0~).
2018-02-27 Sebastian Harlchangelog: Fixed a minor typo ;-)
2018-02-23 Marc FournierRelease the 5.8.0-1 changelog.
2018-02-23 Marc Fournierchangelog: add summary of changes to control and rules...
2018-02-23 Marc Fourniercopyright: update for 5.8.0
2018-02-23 Marc Fourniercollectd.conf: pull in upstream updates for 5.8
2018-02-23 Marc Fournierwork around liblvm2app depreciation
2018-02-23 Marc FournierRevert "Disable the lvm plugin"
2018-02-23 Marc Fournierlibcollectdclient1.symbols: updated for 5.8
2018-02-22 Marc Fourniermention new plugins in changelog and package description
2018-02-22 Marc FournierUpdate versioned dependency from collectd-dev on collec...
2018-02-22 Marc Fournierrules: avoid building synproxy plugin on kfreebsd-...
2018-02-22 Marc Fournierrules: blacklist more intel-only plugins on non-intel...
2018-02-21 Marc Fournierchangelog: 5.8.0 also fixes #887093
2018-02-21 Marc Fournierlibcollectdclient-dev: add 3 new header files
2018-02-21 Marc update libdir
2018-02-21 Marc Fourniercontrol: add libprotobuf-dev and protobuf-compiler...
2018-02-21 Marc Fournierrules: disable intel_pmu plugin
2018-02-21 Marc Fournieri2c_detection.patch: fix badly formatted patch
2018-02-21 Marc FournierDisable the lvm plugin
2018-02-21 Marc Fournierchangelog: 5.8.0 includes the fix for #881757
2018-02-21 Marc Fournierchangelog: add thanks
2018-02-21 Marc FournierAdded i2c_detection.patch
2018-02-21 Marc FournierAdd rd_kafka_last_error.patch
2018-02-21 Marc FournierRemove local-msr-index-h.patch
2018-02-21 Marc FournierRemove libcollectdclient_error_buffer.patch
2018-02-21 Marc FournierRemove dpdk-pkg-config.patch
2018-02-21 Marc FournierRemove write_mongodb.patch
2018-02-21 Marc FournierEnable the rpc plugin
2018-02-21 Marc FournierRe-enable the varnish plugin
2018-02-21 Marc FournierEnable the intel_rdt plugin
2018-02-21 Marc Fournierchangelog: start preparing 5.8.0-1
2017-10-21 Sebastian HarlReference #879471 in debian/changelog. collectd-5.7.2-2
2017-10-21 Sebastian HarlDisable the varnish plugin for now.
2017-10-21 Sebastian Harldebian/changelog: Fix the distribution name.
2017-10-21 Sebastian HarlAdd write_mongodb.patch to make the plugin compatible...
2017-10-21 Sebastian HarlQuilt refresh debian/patches/dpdk-pkg-config.patch.
2017-10-21 Sebastian HarlUpdate to standards-version 4.1.1.
2017-10-21 Sebastian Harldebian/control: Use priority "optional" instead of...
2017-10-21 Sebastian HarlBuild-depend on debhelper (>= 9.20160709~) instead...
2017-10-21 Sebastian HarlRelease the 5.7.2-2 changelog.
2017-10-21 Sebastian HarlEnable the write_mongodb plugin, libmongoc is now avail...
2017-10-21 Sebastian HarlAdd a changelog entry for the DPDK fix.
2017-10-21 Sebastian HarlMerge branch 'master' of
2017-10-21 Sebastian HarlThank Adrian Bunk for reporting the sigrok issue.
2017-10-21 Sebastian HarlMerge pull request #14 from bluca/dpdk_pkgconfig
2017-10-21 Sebastian HarlDisable the sigrok plugin for now.
2017-09-01 Luca BoccassiBackport patch to build DPDK with pkg-config
2017-08-23 Marc FournierRelease 5.7.2-1 changelog collectd-5.7.2-1
2017-08-23 Marc Fournierpatches: add local-msr-index-h.patch
2017-08-23 Marc Fournierpatches: add libcollectdclient_error_buffer.patch
2017-08-23 Marc Fournierchangelog: close #859494/CVE-2017-7401
2017-08-23 Marc Fournierpatches: remove 4 patches merged upstream
2017-08-23 Marc Fournierchangelog: start preparing 5.7.2-1
2017-02-08 Sebastian Andrzej... Drop -ssl -lcrypto from linking. collectd-5.7.1-1.1
2017-01-23 Marc FournierRelease 5.7.1-1 changelog
2017-01-23 Marc Fournierpatches: add dpdkstat_goto_label.patch
2017-01-23 Marc Fournierpatches: add mqtt_invalid_symbols.patch
2017-01-23 Marc Fournierpatches: add mqtt_resource_leak.patch
2017-01-23 Marc Fournierpatches: drop dpdkstat-portable-format-string.patch
2017-01-23 Marc Fournierchangelog: prepare 5.7.1-1
2017-01-10 Marc Fourniercontrol: add minimal version requirement to libriemann...
2017-01-10 Sebastian Harlcontrol: Have a stricter dependency between collectd...
2016-12-18 Marc FournierRelease 5.7.0-3, fixing build-dep screwup in -2
2016-12-18 Marc Fournierchangelog: release 5.7.0-2 + reformatting
2016-12-18 Marc Fournierrules: disable dpdkstat plugin on non-Intel platforms
2016-12-18 Marc Fournierpatches: add dpdkstat-portable-format-string.patch
2016-12-18 Marc Fournierchangelog: prepare 5.7.0-2
2016-12-16 Marc Fournierrelease the changelog for 5.7.0-1
2016-12-16 Marc Fournierconvert all URLs to https
2016-12-16 Marc Fournierrules: remove legacy TODO file from docs
2016-12-16 Marc Fourniercontrol: add new plugins to package description
2016-12-15 Marc Fourniercopyright: update for 5.7.0
2016-12-15 Marc Fourniercollectd.conf: update for new plugins and config options
2016-12-15 Marc FournierUpdate versioned dependency from collectd-dev on collec...
2016-12-15 Marc Fourniercontrol: take nagios packages removal from archive...
2016-12-15 Marc Fournierpatches: add nagios-debian-paths.patch
2016-12-13 Marc Fournierdebian/patches: remove configure_find_lc_all.patch
2016-12-13 Marc FournierMention new plugins and their build-deps, disable non...
2016-12-13 Marc Fournierchangelog: start preparing 5.7.0-1
2016-11-01 Marc FournierRelease 5.6.1-2 changelog
2016-11-01 Marc Fourniercontrol: Remove "Multi-Arch: same"
2016-11-01 Marc FournierSet debhelper compat version to 9
2016-10-17 Marc Fourniercontrol: add dependency on lsb-base
2016-10-17 Marc Fourniercontrol: update mysql-related package names
2016-10-10 Marc Fourniercontrol: update Vcs-Git and Vcs-Browser
2016-10-10 Marc Fourniercontrol: add missing build-deps for kfreebsd archs
2016-10-10 Marc Fournierchangelog: prepare 5.6.1-2
2016-10-10 Marc Fourniercopyright: fixed 2 spelling mistakes spotted by lintian
2016-10-09 Marc FournierRelease 5.6.1-1 changelog
2016-10-09 Marc Fournierrules: enable running the test suite
2016-10-09 Marc Fourniercontrol: Add "Multi-Arch: same" to libcollectdclient-dev