2013-11-23 Sebastian Harlcontrol: Let cadaver depend on ${misc:Depends}. master cadaver-0.23.3-2
2013-11-23 Sebastian Harlrules: Added build-arch and build-indep targets.
2013-11-23 Sebastian Harlcontrol: Bumped standards-version to 3.9.4.
2013-11-23 Sebastian HarlExplicitly build-depend and link against libgcrypt.
2009-12-26 Sebastian Harlchangelog: The new upstream release fixes #529564.
2009-12-26 Sebastian Harlpatches: Updated manpage_hyphen.dpatch.
2009-12-26 Sebastian Harlpatches: Removed libgnutls-config.dpatch.
2009-12-26 Sebastian HarlUpdated copyright for 0.23.3.
2009-12-26 Sebastian Harlchangelog: Updated to 0.23.3-1.
2009-11-02 Sebastian HarlAdded debian/README.source.
2009-11-02 Sebastian Harlpatches: Added libgnutls-config.dpatch.
2009-11-02 Sebastian Harlcopyright, rules: Use my E-mail address...
2009-11-02 Sebastian Harlcopyright: Replaced '(C)' with '©'.
2009-11-02 Sebastian Harlcontrol: Updated Standards-Version to 3.8.3 - no changes.
2009-11-02 Sebastian HarlAdded libreadline-dev as the preferred option to the...
2009-11-02 Sebastian Harlcontrol: Changed my E-mail address to the
2008-07-25 Sebastian HarlAdded debian/patches/manpage_hyphen.dpatch. cadaver-0.23.2-1
2008-07-25 Sebastian Harldebian/changelog: Added a note about removing .gmo...
2008-07-25 Sebastian HarlUpdated standards-version to 3.8.0.
2008-04-13 Sebastian HarlUpdated copyright.
2008-04-13 Sebastian HarlRemove generated / updated .gmo files in "clean" target.
2008-04-13 Sebastian HarlRemoved alternate build-dependency on libxml-dev.
2008-03-31 Sebastian HarlUpdated standards-version to 3.7.3.
2008-03-31 Sebastian HarlUpdated to 0.23.2-1.
2007-11-30 Sebastian HarlMoved "Homepage" field from package description to...
2007-10-30 Sebastian HarlUpdated copyright. cadaver-0.23.0-1
2007-10-29 Sebastian HarlUpdated changelog.
2007-10-29 Sebastian HarlAdded Vcs-{Git,Browser} fields to control.
2007-10-29 Sebastian HarlChanged menu section to "Applications/Network/File...
2007-08-22 Sebastian HarlUpdated to cadaver-0.23.0-1.
2007-08-22 Sebastian HarlUpdated to 0.22.5-2 (reupload to unstable). cadaver-0.22.5-2
2007-02-08 Sebastian HarlUpdated Debian packaging copyright. cadaver-0.22.5-1
2007-02-08 Sebastian HarlRemoved netrc-doc.dpatch which has been merged upstream.
2007-02-08 Sebastian HarlUpdated changelog to 0.22.5-1.
2007-02-08 Sebastian HarlUpdated copyright to version 0.22.5.
2007-01-11 Sebastian HarlChanged --without-ssl configure option to --with-ssl... cadaver-0.22.4-1
2007-01-10 Sebastian HarlUpdated copyright information of m4/neon/* files.
2007-01-08 Sebastian HarlCopy up to date config.{sub,guess} files to the source...
2007-01-08 Sebastian HarlUpdated changelog to 0.22.4-1.
2007-01-08 Sebastian HarlAdded patches/netrc.dpatch: Document the .netrc file...
2007-01-08 Sebastian HarlReplaced libneon25-dev build dependency with libneon26...
2007-01-08 Sebastian HarlAdded watch file.
2007-01-08 Sebastian HarlUpdated copyright to cadaver 0.22.4.
2006-12-21 Sebastian HarlBuild-depends must be a single line according to sectio...
2006-11-01 Sebastian HarlRemoved emacs footer from changelog. cadaver-0.22.3+debian-1
2006-11-01 Sebastian HarlAdded note about GnuTLS support in changelog.
2006-11-01 Sebastian HarlUpdated changelog.
2006-11-01 Sebastian HarlUpdated copyright.
2006-11-01 Sebastian HarlUpdated control.
2006-11-01 Sebastian HarlUpdated standards version to 3.7.2.
2006-11-01 Sebastian HarlRemoved unnecessary post{inst,rm} scripts.
2006-11-01 Sebastian HarlUpdated build dependecies.
2006-11-01 Sebastian HarlRewrote rules to use debhelper.
2006-11-01 Sebastian HarlRemoved unnecessary and unused manpage.1.ex template.
2006-11-01 Sebastian HarlRemoved unncessary debian/dirs.
2006-11-01 Sebastian HarlRemoved unnecessary debian/README.debian.
2006-11-01 Sebastian HarlRemoved macros/neon.m4.diff.
2006-11-01 Sebastian HarlRemoved lib/*.diff and libneon/*.diff.
2006-11-01 Sebastian HarlRemoved configure.diff.
2006-11-01 Sebastian HarlUpdated changelog to 0.22.3+debian-1.
2006-09-17 Sebastian HarlInitial commit.