2011-04-29 Sebastian Harlcheck_host: Allocate a large-enough buffer for the... master sh/pu
2011-03-26 Thomas Guyot... Add perfdata to check_ssh (#3244097 - Marco Beck)
2011-02-08 Holger Weisscheck_smtp: Abort on missing/unexpected greeting
2011-02-04 Thomas Guyot... check_http: check for and print the certificate cn
2011-01-21 Ton VoonFix for regex input of '|', being output causing proble...
2011-01-06 Thomas Guyot... Test updates...
2011-01-01 Thomas Guyot... Update the README text
2011-01-01 Thomas Guyot... Make check_http use standard threshold functions
2010-12-23 Thomas Guyot... Fix check_ldap overriding the port when --ssl was speci...
2010-12-01 Thomas Guyot... Fix minor test issues
2010-12-01 Thomas Guyot... Revert "check_snmp now considers strings returned by...
2010-12-01 Thomas Guyot... State-based tests enhancements
2010-12-01 Thomas Guyot... check_snmp: Remove that is_numeric madness
2010-11-28 Matthias Ebleadd test cases for check_disk_smb
2010-11-28 Matthias Eblecheck_disk_smb now handles NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED...
2010-11-28 Matthias EbleMake check_disk_smb accept spaces in share names (...
2010-11-15 Matthias EbleFix check_disk free space calculation if blocksizes...
2010-11-15 nagioscheck_snmp now considers strings returned by SNMP that...
2010-10-16 Thomas Guyot... Update NEWS for last commit
2010-10-15 Thomas Guyot... check_nt: make UPTIME accept warning/critical levels
2010-10-12 Thomas Guyot... sfsnapshotgit: Better handling of remote refs
2010-10-06 Thomas Guyot... Patch for check_linux_raid with on linear/raid0 arrays
2010-08-31 Ton VoonFix typos in -f help text
2010-07-27 Holger WeissUpdate the COPYING file to the GPLv3
2010-07-27 Ton Voon1.4.15 prep
2010-07-14 Ton VoonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://tonvoon@nagiosplug.git...
2010-07-14 Ton VoonAdded text re: MD5SUM updates in nightlies, but tarball...
2010-07-09 Thomas Guyot... Fix --help output when MAX_OIDS is altered.
2010-07-07 Ton VoonFix examples in check_disk, where it implied was possib...
2010-07-07 Ton VoonAllow check_ifstatus to accept version=2c
2010-07-02 Thomas Guyot... Fix cmd_run overwriting the environment
2010-07-02 Thomas Guyot... Import the environ module from gnulib (86ba51)
2010-07-02 Holger Weissgit-notify: Be careful with "--no-merge"
2010-06-30 tonvoonCorrected rate_multiplier calculation
2010-06-30 tonvoonRemoved suffix of "-rate" and let user decide label...
2010-06-30 tonvoonTests for --rate-multiplier option
2010-06-30 Ton VoonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://tonvoon@nagiosplug.git...
2010-06-30 Ton VoonFixed rate-multiplier option
2010-06-25 tonvoonAdd test file directory
2010-06-24 Ton VoonCleanup some warnings displayed from IRIX tinderbox...
2010-06-24 Ton VoonAdded unsetenv and setenv from gnulib
2010-06-24 Ton VoonAdded strsep to gnulib, for check_snmp.c
2010-06-23 tonvoonAdded option to invert search results
2010-06-23 tonvoonDisplay missing search string and URL when failed ...
2010-06-23 Ton VoonAdded state retention APIs. Implemented for check_snmp...
2010-06-18 Thomas Guyot... NEWS entry for last commit
2010-06-18 Thomas Guyot... Attempt at detecting 64bit compilation flags between...
2010-05-08 Thomas Guyot... Add missing --fqdn help (Jan Wagner)
2010-04-28 Thomas Guyot... Update extra-opts help text based on ML agreement
2010-04-28 Thomas Guyot... tools/distclean: use git-clean when possible
2010-04-28 Thomas Guyot... Update libtool
2010-04-22 Thomas Guyot... Add newline after "Usage:" in --help
2010-04-22 Thomas Guyot... Split long line in check_cluster --help
2010-04-22 Thomas Guyot... Update French translations with extra-opts change
2010-04-22 Thomas Guyot... Standardize the extra-opts notes
2010-04-22 Thomas Guyot... Fix tests and update NEWS file
2010-04-22 Thomas Guyot... Replace the lousy multiline parser with a robust one.
2010-04-22 Thomas Guyot... Attempt at fixing check_snmp multiline output:
2010-04-15 tonvoonUpdated Nagios::Plugin library
2010-04-14 Holger Weissgit-notify: Fix the ordering of commits
2010-04-14 Thomas Guyot... Fix translations when extra-opts aren't enabled
2010-04-14 Thomas Guyot... Update french translation (fix all fuzzy's)
2010-04-14 Thomas Guyot... Fix check_radius returning OK on unexpected results
2010-04-14 Thomas Guyot... Typo
2010-04-14 Thomas Guyot... pst3.c must not use nagiosplug/gnulib includes
2010-04-13 Thomas Guyot... Sync with the latest Gnulib code (177f525)
2010-04-12 Holger WeissFix typo
2010-04-12 Holger WeissFix Debian bug #574612: Return WARNING on rebuild
2010-04-12 Holger WeissFix Debian bug #534604: Checking md10 and above
2010-04-12 Holger WeissFix Debian bug #545940: Failure when run via ePN
2010-04-11 Holger WeissFix Debian bug #482947: No --nas-ip-address option
2010-04-11 Holger WeissFix Debian bug #479984: Allow empty LDAP base
2010-04-11 Holger WeissFix Debian bug #460097: check_http -M broken
2010-04-11 Holger WeissFix Debian bug #478942: Fragile argument passing
2010-04-11 Holger WeissFix Debian bug #478906: Failure when run via ePN
2010-04-11 Holger WeissFix Debian bug #463322: Use deprecated libldap API
2010-04-11 Holger WeissFix Debian bug #425129: SMB guest mode won't work
2010-04-11 Holger WeissFix Debian bug #307905: Incorrect usage output
2010-04-10 Holger Weisscheck_disk_smb: Allow for specifying an IP address
2010-04-06 Thomas Guyot... check_http: Add warning about SNI not enabled by defaul...
2010-04-06 Thomas Guyot... Fix regression in check_http ssl checks on some servers
2010-03-31 Thomas Guyot... check_snmp: Update last patch to copy value verbatim
2010-03-31 Thomas Guyot... check_snmp: Fix regression introduced in #1867716
2010-03-27 Thomas Guyot... Fix compilation with GCC 2.96 (Konstantin Khomoutov...
2010-03-17 Holger WeissLet check_ntp_peer check the number of truechimers
2010-03-16 Thomas Guyot... Typo in NEWS
2010-03-15 Ton VoonCorrected example
2010-02-26 Ton VoonFix memory leak in check_http for large pages (Jimmy...
2009-12-07 Holger Weissgit-notify: Pipe e-mails directly to sendmail(8)
2009-12-06 Holger WeissEnable CIA's commit notifications
2009-12-05 Thomas Guyot... Detect arguments passed via --with-ping[6]-command...
2009-12-04 Thomas Guyot... Whitespace fixes
2009-12-03 Thomas Guyot... Fix short help using "warn" for the -f option instead...
2009-11-19 Ton VoonUpdated link to sfsnapshotgit
2009-11-18 Thomas Guyot... Update developer guideline regarding CVS Commits
2009-11-11 Thomas Guyot... Fix fetching of remote branches
2009-11-11 dermothMany fixes to snapshot scripts
2009-11-07 Holger WeissGit commit notifications via post-receive hook
2009-11-07 Holger Weissgit-notify: Support SourceForge repositories
2009-11-07 Holger Weissgit-notify: Optionally call mail(1) without "-a"