2017-05-11 Florian ForsterBump version to 1.10.0; Update ChangeLog. master
2017-05-11 Florian ForsterUpdate copyright notices.
2017-05-11 Florian Forsterping_iterator_get_info(3): Remove obsolete "KNOWN BUGS...
2017-05-09 Florian Forsterliboping(3), oping(1): Correct licensing information.
2017-05-09 Florian ForsterAUTHORS: Add Luke and Hamish.
2017-05-09 Florian ForsterRemove empty "ToDo" file.
2017-05-09 Florian Forstersrc/liboping.c: Declare a variable at the shortest...
2017-05-09 Florian Forstersrc/liboping.c: Use sizeof(*ptr) instead of sizeof...
2017-05-09 Florian Forstersrc/liboping.c: Use composite literals when calling...
2017-05-09 Florian Forstersrc/liboping.c: Don't check for NULL when calling free().
2017-05-09 Florian ForsterMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pr/11'
2017-05-09 Florian ForsterBump ABI version.
2017-05-09 Hamish ColemanAdd perl binding and documentation for new ping_iterato...
2017-05-09 Hamish ColemanFix up code style
2017-05-09 Hamish ColemanHandle duplicate hosts without visual corruption
2017-05-09 Hamish ColemanAdd a helper to count the size of an iterator
2017-05-09 Hamish ColemanClean up screen in the case where we are adding a new row
2017-05-08 Florian ForsterMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pr/20'
2017-05-05 Florian Forsterconfigure: Check if PKG_INSTALLDIR is defined before...
2017-05-05 Florian ForsterAdd .travis.yml
2017-05-05 Florian Forstersrc/liboping.c: Ensure ping_send() returns non-zero...
2017-05-05 Florian Forstersrc/liboping.c: Fix debugging statement.
2017-05-05 Florian Forstersrc/liboping.c: Refactor ping_send() further.
2017-05-05 Florian Forstersrc/liboping.c: Start refactoring ping_send().
2017-05-05 Florian Forstersrc/liboping.c: Document ping_open_socket().
2017-05-05 Florian Forstersrc/liboping.c: Improve coding style.
2017-05-05 Florian Forstersrc/liboping.c: Clean up untidy whitespace.
2017-05-05 Florian ForsterMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/master' into lh...
2017-05-04 Florian ForsterImprove docstring of the history_received field.
2017-05-04 Florian ForsterRefactor context_create().
2017-05-04 Florian ForsterAssure that no large file descriptors are passed to...
2017-03-20 Florian Forstersrc/oping.c: Coding style fixes.
2017-03-20 Hamish ColemanUse the correct macro for hostname max length
2017-03-20 Hamish ColemanWhitespace changes
2017-03-19 Florian ForsterMerge commit 'refs/pull/15/head' of
2017-03-19 Florian ForsterMerge commit 'refs/pull/18/head' of
2017-03-18 Florian Forsteroping: Uset gettimeofday(2) instead of clock_gettime(2).
2017-02-17 Hamish ColemanDocument the live add key press
2017-02-17 Hamish ColemanRemove attempt to scroll old data in main window
2017-02-17 Hamish ColemanAllow adding a new host after noping has started
2017-02-17 Hamish ColemanEnsure that impossibly latency values do not affect...
2017-02-17 Hamish ColemanRemove unused variable
2017-02-05 middleOModified noping to follow terminal emulators color...
2017-01-15 Thomas Deutschmannconfigure: Make use of ncurses configurable
2016-08-18 Florian ForsterMerge branch 'pr/6'
2016-08-17 Antoine Beaupréadd bell output on successful pings
2016-08-09 Florian Forstersrc/liboping.c: Simplify packet creation and parsing.
2016-08-09 Florian Forstersrc/liboping.c: Replace sizeof(struct icmphdr) with...
2016-08-06 Luke Heberlingsrc/liboping.c: Performance improvements.
2016-08-02 Kyle ZhouFixed wrong icmp header length (20 extra zeros incorrec...
2016-07-14 Yann E. MORINconfigure: also check for clockgettime()
2016-07-01 Florian Forstersrc/oping.c: Add missing "break" in handling of the...
2016-06-27 Florian Forstersrc/oping.c: Actually _comma_ separate output lines.
2016-06-27 Florian Forstersrc/oping.c: Fix calculation of fractional time.
2016-06-27 Florian ForsterUpdate copyright notices.
2016-06-27 Florian ForsterBump version to 1.9.0; Update ChangeLog.
2016-06-27 Florian Forstersrc/oping.c: Implement the "-O" option.
2015-02-13 Florian Forstersrc/oping.c: Code style fixes.
2015-02-13 Florian Forsteroping(1): Document the "-m <mark>" command line option.
2015-02-13 Florian Forsteroping(1): Correct the lower bound of the box plot.
2015-02-13 Florian Forsteroping(1): Document the "-w timeout" option.
2015-02-13 Florian ForsterMerge branches 'mark' and 'timeout'
2015-02-13 Florian Forstersrc/oping.c: Minor coding style changes.
2015-02-13 Daniel CollinsImplement the "-w <timeout>" command line option.
2015-02-13 Daniel Collinsoping: Add the "-m <mark>" command line option.
2015-02-13 Daniel Collinsliboping: Add support for SO_MARK.
2015-02-13 Florian Forsteroping(1): Update fping's URL.
2014-11-27 Florian ForsterChange the project's website to everywhere.
2014-11-20 Florian ForsterBump version to 1.8.0; Update ChangeLog. liboping-1.8.0
2014-11-20 Florian Forstersrc/oping.c: Fix status output.
2014-11-20 Florian Forstersrc/oping.c: Fix pretty ping graph movement.
2014-11-20 Florian Forstersrc/oping.c: Improve comments.
2014-11-20 Florian Forstersrc/oping.c: Change the order of graphs.
2014-11-19 Florian Forstersrc/oping.c: Switch graphs when pressing "g".
2014-11-19 Florian Forstersrc/oping.c: Rewrite of the percentile code.
2014-11-18 Florian Forstersrc/oping.c: Add median and 'n'th percentile, remove...
2014-11-18 Florian Forstersrc/oping.c: Exit early if no host could be resolved.
2014-10-12 Florian Forstersrc/oping.c: Define thresholds for coloring green and...
2014-10-12 Florian Forstersrc/oping.c: Make sure the reported percentile value...
2014-10-12 Florian Forsternoping: Color response times based on their percentile.
2014-10-10 Florian Forsteroping manual page: Document the "-g histogram" option.
2014-10-09 Florian Forstersrc/oping.c: Add a "-g histrogram" option.
2014-10-09 Florian Forsternoping: Add the "-g" option.
2014-10-09 Florian ForsterInitial implementation of a box plot.
2014-09-28 Florian Forsteroping, noping: Implement percentile reporting.
2014-09-25 Florian Change homepage and bug report address. liboping-1.7.0
2014-09-25 Florian Forsterliboping.pc: Let configure create the pkg-config file.
2014-09-25 Florian ForsterBump version to 1.7.0; Update ChangeLog.
2014-09-25 Florian ForsterMerge pull request #4 from barak/upstream
2014-09-25 Florian ForsterMerge branch 'bp/exit'
2014-09-24 Florian ForsterMerge branch 'ab/prettyping'
2014-09-24 Florian ForsterMake the prettyping output work with and without colors.
2014-05-22 Barak A. Pearlmuttersimplify
2014-05-22 Barak A. Pearlmuttergenerate and install oping.pc file, for pkg-config...
2014-05-22 Barak A. Pearlmutteradd bug email and project url to AC_INIT
2014-01-14 Florian Forsterping_receive_all(): Return immediately when select...
2014-01-10 Florian ForsterAdd support for both, ncurses and ncursesw.
2013-12-06 Florian ForsterAdd documentation for the "-u" and "-U" options.
2013-12-06 Florian Forstersrc/oping.h: Don't use the ncurses internal _nc_unicode...
2013-12-06 Antoine Beaupréadd commandline flag for forcing or disabling unicode